Our services in Luxembourg and Belgium

Services : Accounting

Helping you get started

  • Preparation of a financing plan
  • Assistance with incorporation (coordination with third parties: notary, bank)
  • Application for a business license (professional access, foreign diploma recognition)
  • Registration with tax and social security authorities (including abroad)
  • Assistance in obtaining subsidies and financial grants from public authorities


  • Accounting entry (on our premises or yours, using our software or yours)
  • Preparation of interim statements
  • Client reminder management
  • Assistance with financial organisations (overdraft facility, investment loan, leasing, etc.)
  • Preparation and filing of annual statements

* Preparing your tax returns

  • Preparation of VAT returns and related formalities
  • Assistance with the recovery of foreign VAT
  • Preparation of corporate income tax returns and appendices
  • Preparation of balance sheet and statement of taxable income where applicable
  • Verification of tax summaries
  • Preparation of personal income tax returns and appendices
  • Simulations to estimate your tax liability

Personalised support

  • Periodic monitoring of your financial indicators
  • Anticipate critical situations
  • Suggest relevant solutions
  • Introduction to local or foreign external experts depending on the situation

Assistance with the termination of your activities

  • Preparation of the statement of accounts in relation to the termination of your activities
  • Preparation of pre-termination tax return
  • Analysis of the tax and social security impacts of the termination
  • Deregistration with local and foreign administrations and authorities
  • Advice on the formalities for your new social security and tax status
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